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In 1975 graduated from Dance Conservatory and became a ballet dancer at the National Theater in Prague. He left former communist Czechoslovakia in 1988 to live in Paris where he continued to dance and started to make wooden sculptures as well as paintings. He has been experimenting in art using flock (velvet-like product) on canvas to create style, which he calls "brutal abstraction". Since 1992, Vojta has exhibited in the US and many countries throughout Europe. Currently, he is based in Spain, the Canary Islands. 

His exhibitions include:

1992 Exhibition in St.Paul Village, Paris (Wooden sculptures)

1992 Exhibition in the Grand Palais "Independent Artists" Paris

1993 Exhibition in the gallery Everants, Paris  

1993 Exhibition in the Palace, Paris

1994-1995 Exhibition in the gallery Atelier 3, Zurich (Switzerland)

1998 Exhibition in the Cripps Gallery and Germa, Ft Lauderdale (USA)

1999 Exhibition in Ness Gallery, San Francisco (USA)

2012 Exhibition in the gallery Garage, Prague

2013 Exhibition in Berlin, Luckenwalder St. (Germany)

2015 Exhibition in Monte Carlo, Monaco

2016 Collective exhibition, THE SOUL OF MONEY in DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

2016 Exhibition in the gallery Nova sin, Prague 

2017 Exhibition Newborn in Depo gallery Pragovka Art District, Prague

2018 Exhibition in the gallery Garage, Prague

2019 Exhibition in the gallery Garage Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2021 Private exhibition in Prague (La Cochinilla)

2022 Exhibition cats in Bílkova 4, Prague

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