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25. 5. 2016 – 5. 6. 2016


Galerie Nová síň, Prague 

Vojta Pavlicek, is one of the most surprising contemporary artists in the Czech Republic. 


His work of art is a synthesis of an imaginative thinking and a cognitive intelligence that is always pushed to interact with everything that surrounds him.


His paintings incorporate modern-day art tendencies as well as new and imaginative future possibilities. Progression here is persistent experimentation.


Different styles, stages and movements including  extra picturesque elements collide and generate “novas and supernovas” directly in front  of our own eyes.‎


Vojta Pavlicek has done just as other open minded artists in the past: he has the ability to adventure a soul journey that encourages us to think about feelings and to experience ideas at the same time. 

Curator: Christian Dominguez


19 Feb – 6 Jun 2016

Collectiv exhibition in DOX Centre of Contemporary Art, Prague


Exhibition: Newborn

1 June – 27 July 2018

Exhibition in Depo gallery, Pragovka Art District, Prague

DEPO Gallery_Vojta Pavlíček, Newborn, 1.

Exhibition: Garage

6 September 2018

Exhibition in atelier, Prague


Las Palmas


Exhibition in garage, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


9 June 2015

Exhibition in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Exhibition: Sýkora


Exhibition in garage, Prague, Czech Republic

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