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I was recently in Prague and had the opportunity to see Vojta's Pavlicek paintings. He has been painting for a relatively short time. But in that time he has managed to amass a body of work and a voice of his own which is that of a natural born painter. In this work I find invention of materials and imagination and a huge massive dose of energy, enthusiasm and pure joy in his own self discovery of what painting can be for him.

I don't know him well but as a viewer and a practicing painter it is my impulse to encourage him with his practice for my own selfish reasons because, we will all find wonder and surprise along with him as he continues his journey in to the painted world.


To whoever with great pleasure, 



                              Yours truly,  Julian Schnabel

Paul McCarthy, Theo Altenberg in Berlin 2015 

Žádná zašifrovaná symbolika. Nová síň vystavuje abstraktně-brutální malbu Vojty Pavlíčka -

Vojta Pavlíček, výstava obrazů v NOVÉ SÍNI -

VOJTA PAVLÍČEK – NEWBORN - Depo gallery, Prague


Vernisáž Vojta Pavlíček: Newborn -Martin Fryč
- dokumentace současného umění

Rozhovor - proti šedi - výstava Garáž

Rozhovor o výstavě Newborn a cestě světem i životem -

Jednovečerní výstava Vojty Pavlíčka: LaCochinilla

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